Hello Grainny’s

I know, It’s been some time we met last. But here I am, briefly, but to let you know that I have been thinking of you. Everyone at Grainny’s, be it the people who baked the cookies, the farmers who grew the grains, the delivery team of Amazon and Delhivery, and of course you, made Grainny’s much more than a brand. You made it what it started out to become on day one. When I think of choosing between being me and being a brand, I would always choose the former. I like to be a story which people tell me about me. I love it when they meet me like a family, a friend, or a lover.

Some of you possibly missed saying goodbye. So I am telling you that am just gone traveling. I lived a good 5 years in Gurgaon and saw it transform. in 2018, I felt like traveling and have been out ever since. I am going around India, meeting farmers, old women, chefs, stories, and folklores. I am also traveling around the world looking at best practices, new techniques, and methods. I am learning about how food is the energy that flows through us. I am reading about the environment, sustainability, justice, equality, rights in the community. I am learning about forests and their people. I am learning about the presence of violence in the food systems and am learning about how we can change it together. There is so much going on and every time I think of heating up the oven, I feel like slowing down further.

But to tell you the truth, I really am rearing to get started again. Will it be in the next few months or next year, or next? I can not say. But this is for sure, as and when I am back, I will be totally awesome. But when was I not? :p