About Grainny's

Grainny’s manifests the vision of ‘Nature’s bounty for healthy and active life’.  At Grainny’s we research the traditional wisdom, modern food science and create magic with chemical-free grains, fruits, seeds, and nuts to design ready to eat, nutritious, whole-day foods for everyone. Be it for sports and fitness, school, sedentary or active work, homemaking,  shopping, entertaining guests, or fun time munching, we have healthy snacks and food for all occasions. Our single minded focus is to create the finest foods in the the world to ensure best of health and nutrition in the form of delectable snacks in your hand (or pocket).

 Each of the Grainny’s food is nutrition balanced, and is made with organic ingredients, sourced directly from the best of natural farms from across India (yes we are traceable to the farm and the farmer!). All of Grainny's foods are also made with 100% whole and indegenous ingredients.  Grainny’s is compassionate towards all beings and follows Vegan philosophy in everything it makes. We closely follow the RDAs (Recommended Daily Allowance) and ensure that you get perfectly balanced nutrients for wholesome nourishment. 

As our commitment to you, we do not add any synthetic chemicals, preservatives, essence, improvers, or flavours to artificially enhance the taste or shelf life.We invite you to rediscover with us, the wonderful world of health, vitality and wellness, for yourself and your entire family.