Service and Quality


How it’s made?

Farm to Fingers - At Grainny’s we are completely conscious of the quality which each of our customer deserves. At the same time we are also encouraging farmers and cooperatives to adopt natural and organic farming methods.

Grainny's foods are made with the best assortment of multi-grains, whole ingredients and traditional methods, to bring to you the goodness of nature, the way she intended it to be.

Farmer is our best friend - Our ingredients are sourced whole from trusted farmers or certified organic sources. Right from that point, milling, production, packaging and distribution, we have everything in-house.

Health Before Taste - We avoid, industrially processed and refined ingredients, which otherwise are a norm in the food production to improve shelf life, texture, colour, and taste, but in most cases, only have adverse effect on health.

No chemical preservative - Our food has relatively shorter shelf life as we only use natural preservation methods and ingredients. We also have kept packaging minimalistic and reusable, to have least environmental impact.

Our Strengths

  • Our belief - in nature's capability to produce the best for us. And our endeavour to deliver the maximum possible to you, without adulteration.
  • Our Ingredients - The natural, unadulterated grains, seeds, fruits, and nuts are procured directly from the trusted organic farmers, co-operatives, and suppliers.  
  • Our Processes - Maximum retention of nutrition values as Processed/ preserved through traditional methods.
  • Our Approach - Cooked and prepared using modern equipment to optimally use cooking mediums and reduce loss of nutrients.
  • Our success - Our products are ACTUALLY HEALTHY AND SAFE for all ages.

All this ensures that we are able to balance health, taste, nourishment and environment, just the way we want, and the way you deserve.