Team Grainny’s

 Manas Arvind - 

An entrepreneur and serious endurance cyclist, Manas Arvind  understands the  role  of nutrition and food in performance and endurance sports. With his background in design and advertising, Manas brings in a rich understanding of consumer insights and a creative vision into his business.

Deeply passionate about exploring natural food for everyday nourishment, Manas is the Food Designer for Grainny’s, which involves researching and recreating best of the artisan recipes, balancing nutrition, and creating food which is honestly healthy. 

He is also a founder of Team T3, a cycling group for enthusiasts, which organizes cycling events, brevets and expeditions to eventually prepare a team of finest velo-athletes to compete and win in the international competitions.

Ritu Mathur -

Ritu is an expert on traditional grains, ingredients and recipes. Founder of Upavan - 'Where Life Becomes Green', She is involved in promoting natural food habits, creating community functional gardens, promoting natural, local and seasonal food habits. She is a firm believer of superior nourishment capability of all natural food and is also involved in resisting advent of GM crops in India.

She gave up her lush corporate career to work with farmers and people, encouraging them to take up greener and healthier lifestyle. She is an expert in Permaculture, and designing self-sustaining functional gardens and fields, with special emphasis  on Urban and personal spaces.