Why we make what we make

The story of Grainny’s is an exciting personal journey with nature and traditions, and the story goes back few thousand years, if not more. For a long time food has been the most important thought occupying the human mind and time. With diverse physical and geological conditions, with time, we discovered and mastered recipes, to perfectly match the needs. Though slow and tedious, these recipes proved to be nutritious, tasty and healthy. But we’ve lost almost all of this accumulated wisdom in the past few years, following the fast industrial growth, and change in consumption habits.

At Grainny’s we are fascinated with lost traditional grains and recipes, and their use on day to day basis. It’s been an exciting journey, reinventing and producing the traditional recipes to suit the modern life. From finding ingredients, setting up production, maintaining the taste and nutrition, and final distribution, we have gone all out to ensure that we don’t add any industrially produces additive, preservative, essence, color, and supplements to our food.

Why do we avoid these widely accepted artificial ingredients? In simple words, if our grandmother won’t use them, we won’t do it either. Elaborating further, nature has cleverly packed each of our ingredients very smartly with balanced nutrients. We at Grainny’s harness this ingrained goodness, and make our food the way nature intended to.

Most of our ingredients come directly from farmers and producers. We have our own mill and eco-positive production facility, and in house packaging and distribution. We believe in eating fresh, and the same trustworthy freshness is delivered to you, every time you open the packet.


  • Our products are fresh, tasty and healthy because they are free of preservatives, artificial flavours & colours, and synthetic additives/nutrients.
  • Maximum retention of nutrition in body, because they are made with whole ingredients. 
  • Protects our cells and boosts immunity, as they are full of anti-oxidants.
  • Provide full day nourishment, because they are rich in micro and macro nutrients like Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins and Carbohydrates.
  • Get you to ideal body weight; feel stronger and energetic because of wholesome nutrition and stable sugar levels.