Amaranth & Almonds Cookies - Whole and Vegan


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Amaranthus is considered a super food from the ancient Indian food traditions. It is a complete food full of all major macro and micro nutrients. While you enjoy the delicate crispness, and subtle sweet flavours of Amaranth with Almonds, the cookies nourish you well, satiates hunger, and are particularly good for skin and heart. This is a favorite with kids and adults alike. Don't worry if you can't stop at one, because more you eat, better they are as a nourishing food.

Terms and Conditions

These Cookies are made using only the natural and whole ingredients. They do not use any chemical stabilisers or preservatives. If you must, store them unopened in cool dark places. Once opened, store in airtight glass containers and consume them at the earliest. 


Almonds, Amaranth, whole wheat Flour, Jaggery, Spices, and Coconut Oil.

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