Banana Cake Biscotti - Vegan and whole Grain


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Travel to an Italian village, and experience the rich aroma rising from the slices of cake being dried in the oven. Taking the tradition forward, Grainny's Banana Biscotti, made lovingly with ripe bananas, nuts and whole wheat grains takes this tradition forward. Just perfect to munch or match with your favorite drink! This Rustic Vegan Banana Biscotti's rich taste & goodness never fails in delighting you.

Completely Vegan and whole grain, this Biscotti retains its rich taste, rustic texture, and health friendly promise. Patiently air roasted to create a perfect crisp, and enthralling flavors with sweet-smart real fruit ingredients, for balanced nutrition and taste. Rich in anti-oxidants, and maintains a Medium GI for a satiating feel. Keep it handy for the coffee and tea time hunger pangs. 

Terms and Conditions

Taste may vary from batch to batch. Store in cool, dark, and dry place, and consume within 7 days of opening.

Contains nuts and wheat.


Artisan baked food, made without any preservative, chemical enhancers, artificial flavor, or stabilizer.

Made with whole unprocessed ingredients, and cold pressed virgin coconut oil. 

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Ingredients - Fresh Banana, Wheat Flour, Peanuts, Brown Sugar, Coconut Oil


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