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Coconut is one of the most magnificent gifts of nature. Rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, good fat and fibre, the fruit is a complete food in a real sense. The virgin cold pressed organic oil tops the list in all benefits. Out of many grades commercially available, Grainny's coconut oil has exceptional quality and versatility. You can use it for - 

  • Medicinal/Therapeutic use
  • Weight loss
  • Cooking
  • Ayurvedic and everyday Massage of children and adults
  • Hair care
  • Skin moisturization
  • UV protection
  • Food preservation
  • and much more.

Grainny's gets it's Coconut Oil from a natural coconut forest farm, on the border of Kerala. The oil is cold pressed out naturally ripened coconuts in the farm's own facility. Goes without saying, the oil retains every drop of goodness produced by the wonderful fruit of coconut. Everything on this farm grows only with the best of natural farming means and inputs. 

And we take pride in saying that the only oil we use in Grainny's products, is exactly the same oil.

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Graiinny's Virgin, Cold pressed, Organic Coconut oil is one of the purest and most versatile coconut oils available. It can be used beneficially for all everyday and special applications.


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