Meva Khajur Laddoo


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'Meva Khajur' The Raw Vegan Laddoos.

  • Made with pure almonds, figs, cashew, dates and coconut. 
  • 100% natural, with no added sugar, fat, or flavouring.
  • Make your festival days special, and any normal day- Festive!

What is so special about the Meva Khajur Laddoos?

  • These laddoos are a thoughtful and pure 'All-Time-Dessert'  for you and your loved ones.  
  • These are ideal food for fitness and endurance activities.
  • Kids like the unique chunky flavour, and will love this over any other desert or sweets. 
  • The Meva Khajur Laddoos have a medium-low Glycemic index, which is easy on sugar and insulin levels in blood. 
  • Mixed with natural nuts like almonds, groundnuts, coconut, and Flax seeds, Each of the laddoo is a complete package of nourishment and taste. 

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Ingredients - Dates, Almonds, Anjeer (figs) Flax seeds, Peanuts, Coconut


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