Red Rice Chidwa (whole Grain, Vegan, and Gluten Free)


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When you are hungry, you need something which not only fills your appetite, but also does it Well. Red Rice Chidwa (RRC) is great for work, leisure, and sports time snacking, because it provides energy, vital proteins, fibre and micronutrients in a sustained fashion keeping unnecessary cravings at bay. Coming straight from 100% whole ingredients, the nutrient absorption is steady and more acceptable to the body.

A perfect anytime snack, to give a smart slip to junk food.

Features - 

  1. Vegan
  2. Gluten-free
  3. Roasted with <3% oil. (no frying)
  4. Rich source of anti-oxidents 
  5. contains flattened unpolished red rice, a rich source of fiber,  helps lower Cholesterol
  6. 100% wholesome ingredients
  7. Low Glycemic Index (maintains optimum blood glucose levels).
  8. A good source of Iron, Manganese and Zinc. Contains Vitamin B6 

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Ingredients: Red rice chidwa, whole dried coconut, peanut, roasted chana, Curry Leaves, Sesame, Mustard, and Coconut oil


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